Yana Sverdlova
Postproduction producer, Cinema and Advertising

I have been working in this field for 18 years since the birth of computer graphics in Russian cinema. I still remember how the first complicated titles for TV series were created and how 3D water was made in Cinemateka company. My career started with that. I have also worked with many professional VFX teams and editors in Ulitka company. Numerous sleepless night spent together to get many great TV and cinema projects produced. Most of those guys have founded their own CG studios and we still keep working together. I have also worked for 10 years at Bazelevs that was founded by famous director Timur Bekmambetov and I am still freelancing for this company as a postproduction producer.

If you ask me who is the best for VFX, music compositing, sound design, VO sessions, editing or color grading I would be more than happy to get a professional team together for your TV ad and will do proper budgeting depending on your tasks and limits. I am working with different companies in Russia and abroad producing various commercials.
In case you need assistance in full service production I could also suggest production companies among which is a professional teams of Bazelevs production who shot numerous spots with famous Russian and foreign directors.

Editing, sound, color grading, music and computer graphics – all this helps to enhance the picture and make it look totally different. I have devoted myself to this job where the magical power of postproduction creates miracles every day.